IM:Hello Kitty tank top

Had this look here!

I wanted to try this look for a while but didn’t find the mood to wear that tank top. I finally did it :D.

  1. Light grey-inner corner
  2. Pink-outer corner
  3. Blend
  4. Silver-lower lash line
  5. Blend it after you line your eyes
  6. Curl&put mascara
  7. Use a pink lipstick
  8. Done!

I also draw a little bow on my ring finger to match with my tank top :D.

hello kitty

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Lazy yet awesome

Are you in a rush to an event? Or are you just lazy but still want to look gorgeous? This is the easiest way.

Put a white eyeshadow on the 3/4 of your eye with a fluffy brush. With a smaller one cover the remaining 1/4 with black eyeshadow. Blend everything with your first brush to make that silver-transition-color, line your lower waterline,smudge it and put on mascara. There you go! You can also put black eyeliner on your upper lash line if you have extra time.

DSCN1040 modified

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