YO: Romania-Turkey fail

We wanted to go to the game yesterday but we we’re afraid we couldn’t find cheap tickets so decided to wait for another time. Wise choice because we lost -_- 2-0. Eh, nevermind.

We couldn’t go to Lidl like I wanted cuz we we’re already late so I made a banana kinda milkshake :).

I wore my old mexton jeans jacket. I have it for a couple of years but is a love-hate relationship :P. I can’t wear it with blue jeans so I chose some orange ones.

romania-turkey fail-002

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YO: Yellow&Floral

Yesterday I decided to wear a skirt. Yup. It was hard but I did it.

I went with Alina to eat some pasta but before that I had to go to my dad. He asked for my camera again -_-. I hate this thing! Because of that I had to ask Alina to get her big-ass fancy camera. I don’t like the picks because we didn’t know how to set it up. I felt bad for making her carry it for nothing :(.


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YO:Trying smth new

I decided to start wearing from now on things I don’t usually like. This time I took this pair of high waisted pants, floral shirt and a jacket I found in the back of my closet. Three items I would have avoided in the past. I actually liked the result :D. Good job, me!

Trying smth new-001

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