Hiking in Bucegi

Photo heavy! Snow in August and one of the most ugly pics of me.

Last week we went hiking in Bucegi with some of his friends. It was exhausting! I had muscular pains days after the trip. My legs we’re burning  as we went higher and I had to make Rares go slower than the others and make lots of pauses but I made it!

We didn’t tried to go all the way to the top but we got to see some of the things around there. Not gonna try name them because I suck at it :P.

I felt so good when we finished walking. I’m proud of myself!

I’ll let you with the photos of the beautiful places I had the opportunity to see.


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The Versatile Blogger Award

What is the best thing a baby blogger can see after an exhausting day? A little number on the notifications square :). It let me know that I have one more follower (yaaay!), two likes on my last post aand.. 😀 masquerade21 commented on that post.

I found out that this amazing blogger (masquarade21) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award :). You can check out her blog here. Thank you :).

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