About me&blog

I’m Adelina Carp, a romanian girl from Brasov. I created this blog to help myself get better at applying makeup and to practise my english. With time I added lifestyle and ‘fashion’ posts.

I’m not here to teach you something but to share ideas, inspire others and learn from you. I always appreciate constructive criticism so don’t be afraid to point out every mistake. After all that’s how you can grow and improve, right?


Posting programme

Right now I can’t commit to anything because I’m in the last year of college but I try to post at least once/week.


I love makeup and everything you can do with it. I want to learn as much as possible about it and this is the place where I track my progress. Most of the makeup posts are of what I wear.

surprising green-001


I don’t like the idea of lookbooks because I find them fake and staged so I just post the outfits I wore lately if it’s something different or if I really like it.

I may not be stylish or fashionable but it doesn’t stop me from dressing up :).

didn't expected him to take pics so this came out when emptied my pockets :)


I only post my honest opinion about the products I show you and also try to give links. Everybody is different and if something works for me it maybe be bad for you or viceversa so keep that in mind when you read any review from the internet.

Quick tip

Little, quick things that may help you. Some of them I found on the internet and decided to share what works, some we’re taught by others or I learned on my own.

YO-Still want my summer-001


All content in this blog created by the blog owner is the property of the blog owner unless stated otherwise.

Please do not use, reproduce or alter anything on this blog without my permission.


I am the author of this blog and the thoughts, opinions and viewpoints are mine. If you have something to say you can do it by leaving a decent comment in the box below every post.

Thank you.

sunday trip-013

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8 thoughts on “About me&blog

  1. we can learn from each other! been wanting to learn more about makeup but im not good with it! will be looking out for more of your posts. =]

  2. Hello Adelina! Visiting Romania has always been on my wishlist. I’m from India, currently in UK. Getting acquainted with your blog, and I hope to stay here for long. 🙂

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