First date makeup

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My last first date was over a year ago but I remember I chose a smokey eye. It wasn’t a very good day for makeup and I just let it be. If I had to go on a first date right now I would choose a simple and flattering look.

My advice is ‘less is more’. If you two are going to be together he’ll see your ‘true face’ after all :). Why spend time on looking perfect for your first date and then go out with him looking plain?


La ultima ‘prima intalnire’, pe care am avut-o acum un an, am ales un machiaj smokey. Nu a fost o zi foarte buna pentru machiaj asa ca nu mi-am dat prea mult silinta. Daca ar fi sa merg la o prima intalnire acum as alege ceva simplu si natural.

Sfatul meu este ca ‘less is more’. Daca o sa fiti impreuna iubitul tau iti va vedea ‘adevarata fata’ pana la urma :). De ce sa incerci sa arati perfect la prima intalnire iar in restul timpului sa nu-ti dai silinta?


Only you know what looks best on you but my recommendation is to go after a clean face, covering your pimples without making your face look fake, adding light contouring and some blush.


Numai tu stii ce-ti sta bine dar eu iti recomand sa iti acoperi imperfectiunile si sa iti conturezi usor fata fara ca rezultatul final sa para fals.




You can just enhance your eyes shape with some black eyeliner. I prefer liquid liner because it looks cleaner. I also wanted to add some color on the lid and went to a light gold because it reflects light and makes your eyes look bigger. As a highlight for my inner corner I used a bit of glitter. Finish with a lengthening mascara.


Pentru a accentua forma ochilor am folosit un tus negru. Am ales pentru pleoapa mobila un fard auriu ce reflecta lumina, facand astfel ochii mai mari. In coltul interior am optat pentru un pic de sclipici. Am terminat machiajul ochilor cu un rimel negru.


Experiment with different lines for your eyes and go for the one you feel the most comfortable with. If you want something even more natural you can only tightline your upper lashline and extend it a bit instead of using liquid liner. Other options include brown/gray/gel eyeliner or use eyeshadow for a light look.

For the lips you can only moisturize them if you want a kiss at the end of your date but if you’re not comfortable with that use a bit of color. I find pink the best casual color because it’s fun and girly. Red is too sophisticated and orange is still weird for some. It all depends on the type of the date.


Experimenteaza cu diferite stiluri pentru a vedea ce iti place. Daca vrei ceva mai natural poti alege sa folosesti un creion negru pe linia genelor superioare. Alte optiuni sunt conturarea ochilor cu creion/tus maro sau gri sau chiar si cu fard.

Pentru buze sunt doua optiuni. Daca te astepti la un sarut la finalul intalnirii foloseste un strugurel hidratant. Daca vrei sa astepti pentru mai tarziu gandeste-te la ce impresie vrei sa dai. Eu prefer un ruj sau gloss roz pentru ca e o culoare feminina pe cand rosu e mai sofisticata iar rujul portocaliu e cam ciudat :). 

Don’t forget to enjoy your date and be yourself!

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