Review Avon Extralasting Liquid eyeliner pen-black

My mom got this eyeliner but she doesn’t like it so YEY for me :p.

Review Avon Extralasting Liquid eyeliner pen-black

I think it’s great for beginners because of the crayon kind of tip.

Review Avon Extralasting Liquid eyeliner pen-black-003

It’s not very pigmented, you can take it as a pro or con. If you’re a beginner it’s good because you can erase the mistakes easier. It’s also good for natural, simple looks when you don’t want something too harsh. Kinda like an replacement for brown eyeliner.

On the other hand, if you want something darker you can draw a thin line on top of it with another eyeliner.

I sometimes use it for my brows :). I’ll try to show you pictures one time.


Nu e foarte pigmentat, poate fi un punct in plus sau un dezavantaj. Daca esti la inceput e bun pentru ca poti sterge greselile mai usor. Il poti folosi si pentru lookuri naturale, simple cand nu vrei ceva prea dur. Un fel de inlocuitor pentru eyelinerul maro.

Pe de o alta parte, daca vrei ceva mai inchis poti trasa o linie subtire deasupra cu un alt tus.

Uneori il folosesc chiar si pentru sprancene:). O sa postez poze o data. 

You can find it here.

Review Avon Extralasting Liquid eyeliner pen-black-007Review Avon Extralasting Liquid eyeliner pen-black-008

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