Review-False Eyelashes from Born Pretty Store


At the beginning of september I applied for a free sample from Born Pretty Store. It arrived after 20 days because it’s a long way from Hong Kong to Romania. The package had a bubble wrap to protect it, another advantage because there’s been some time since I last popped some bubbles.


It also came with a nice card with details you can also find on their site: you’re being rewarded if you post a review or photo of their products and also saying that they’re available for business cooperation and being interested in how everything went.


Nicole, the one I changed emails with also gave me a 10% off discount coupon code for my blog.


Back to my sample. I wanted  some fake eyelashes because I never get to buy them by myself :).

I love the heart cut-out, it gives a cute feel to it.


You don’t get glue with the package but it’s not a problem for me because usually it is too dry or not enough to use so I prefer buying it separately.

They are not perfect, some of the hairs are longer/shorter but you’ll probably have to cut them unless you have huge anime eyes :).

DSCN3494 DSCN3500

What really bothered me was how insanely soft they are! I didn’t expected this since all the falsies I wore where stiff and plastic feeling. I’m really impressed!


I can’t wait to find some time and give them a try. I’ll link everything so you can see how they look so stay tuned!

I couldn’t take the pics how I wanted nor make a look with the lashes because right now we are doing some changes at home and everything is kinda messed up & also I started school and I have to go to 2 different math teachers after school fml -_-.

Don’t forget to check out Born Pretty Store for awesome and cheap stuff (makeup, nail things, contact lenses, clothes, jewelry and others). You can find the lashed here but there are other amazing styles and sets.


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